All About Kyanite

All About Kyanite

If you have never heard of Kyanite, you're not alone. I thought maybe it was some form of Kryptonite (lol),  It is actually a mineral/gemstone that can be found all over the world.  Some of the best gemstones can be found in Nepal and some other far reaches of the world such as Tanzania and Madagascar. It comes in a variety of dazzling blue, green and light teal colors. There are also clear and almost black versions of Kyanite. An orange Kyanite was found in Tanzania.  Tanzania always has the most exotic gemstones it seems!  Only a small fraction of Kyanite is gem quality and even a smaller fraction of that is similar to blue sapphire in color.

Kyanite forms naturally in a bladed crystal formation, or long strips with multiple layers. You can see these long layers in the large raw beads of this Kyanite necklace we are currently selling in our shop.

kyanite necklace
The blade formation can also be seen in this sample of Kyanite crystals.
handful of kyanite crystals

Kyanite is formed deep in the earth under enormous heat and pressure and its presence provides clues to geologists about local geology. Kyanite was actually found under the World Trade Center in Manhattan, NY and provided evidence of the hard rock surface needed to build the skyscrapers.

Kyanite is a very unique stone because it actually expands with heat, most gemstones do not have this property. Its strength and ability to withstand high heat has made it useful for making spark plugs, brakes, sinks and dentures....probably not a great selling point for gemstone jewelry, but an interesting fact!

Kyanite is thought to bring both happiness and excitement to the wearer and is believed to counteract negative energy. 

How could these beautiful stones bring anything but happiness and excitement?  Kyanite's industrial uses have certainly proven it to be strong enough to bear just about anything!


an array of kyanite stones








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