Aquamarine - Mermaids' Treasure

Aquamarine - Mermaids' Treasure

As you probably know, Aquamarine, the “Gem of the sea,” is the March gemstone. It is also the gemstone for 19th wedding anniversaries.

Aquamarine was once believed to be the treasure of mermaids. Lucky mermaids! Most people are familiar with the transparent, light blue Aquamarine that is typically used in high end jewelry.  However, most of us are not familiar with other shades of Aquamarine, such as a milky shade or the dark blue, almost like sappphire blue that we have found and made into some beautiful items in our Aquamarine Collection. Mother Nature has a Very messy kitchen so gemstones can often have a broad range of color. 

Aquamarine is mined all over the world including Africa, Pakistan, Brazil and even in the U.S. in Colorado and California. It is formed from the same mineral as Emeralds and Morganite. 

Checkout the GIA for more information and stunning pictures. 

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