Help Design an Emerald Bracelet That You Could Win!

Help Design an Emerald Bracelet That You Could Win!

Update 6/15: This is a picture of the final design. Shara chose a silver Bolo style with the beads in a random mix. It’s so beautiful and looks like the lush green Brazilian forests where these emeralds are found.



Update 5/31: Congratulations to Shara from PA!! She won the emerald bracelet. We will post a picture of the final design later this week.

You could win a Sakota Emerald bracelet that you help design.  To enter, 
Subscribe to our Gemstone of the Month Club at the very, very bottom of the page or use the Contact Us form below  and let us know you would like to enter.  A random winner will be chosen on May 30th and the winner will receive the bracelet after making some design choices via email.  No purchase is necessary, We will even ship it for free. You must be at least 18 years old and be a resident of the USA to enter.  Have your friends enter too, it’s a lot of fun!  


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