Yellow Opal Necklace Design Contest

Yellow Opal Necklace Design Contest

Update 5/5/21, this is a picture of the final design that Lauren chose. It is quite unique and just reminds me of summer, cheerful and colorful. Lauren chose the purple Amethyst to go with the Yellow Sonoran Opals. Jay King should be proud!




Update 4/19/21 Congratulations to Lauren from PA! She won this drawing. We will post pictures of the final design later this week.

 Check back regularly to see what our next contest will be!

******** The contest below is now closed. **********

Help design a necklace by answering some fast and easy design questions on Survey Monkey. A random winner will be chosen on April 18th and the winner will receive either the most voted for design or the personally designed choice. No purchase is necessary, We will even ship it for free. You must be at least 18 years old and be a resident of the USA to enter. Help us with these design decisions, it’s a lot of fun!  

The image below shows the different options that will go into this necklace.

  • The Yellow Opals are across the front, they will be in the necklace, in honor of the color of the year.
  • The optional beads to “blend” with the Yellow Opals are shown from left to right:
    • Purple Amethyst, White Topaz, Pink Tourmaline, Black Spinel, Yellow Citrine, Orange Carnelian or Red Garnet.
  • Refer to the image below when making your design choices in Survey Monkey.

The password for the survey is: fabulous 

Click here to do the design in Survey Monkey.

Good luck! 


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